Sippy Solution


Rent a Server From Our Company

1) If you rent a server from us on a per month plan, keep in mind that the server expires automatically after a month.

2) After payment, you will receive an email within 24 hours that contains all details including:
a) Web Portal Username and password
b) Linux server root password will not be
delivered. Because SSH access is blocked by firewall & due to our web portal source code security.

3) Once we receive the payment, it is not refundable. We will return payment if customer server, our web portal, desktop client or mobile application is not working fine during that month period (In this condition our technical team first check and evaluate the server, web portal desktop client and mobile application. After checking in 24 hours our support team may replace your server or your server location).

4) If you face any issues during your subscribed period, feel free to email our technical team Email: (
Within 24 hours, our technical team will join you on skype, TeamViewer or any disk ID.

5) In the whole month period, our technical team will be available to teach you how to configure Sippy Switch in the demo server. However, our technical team does not provide you with any configuration on your live server. Like Rates Adding, Customer Adding, Vender Adding, Routing Gateway, Mapping Gateway or any Gateway Support.

6) In order to resubscribe, you need to pay 24 hours prior to the expiry of the server. If payment is not received before the expiry date,your server will shut down and database will be deleted.

7) We don't allow any sort of illegal activities on our hosted servers. In such a case we will terminate the server without any further notice.